Banning conversion therapy

Closed 4 Feb 2022

Opened 29 Oct 2021


The deadline for responding to this consultation has been extended to 4 February 2022.

It is not necessary for those who have already responded to re-submit their responses.

In this consultation we are seeking views from individuals and organisations on our proposals to ban conversion therapy.

We are committed to building a society in which conversion therapy no longer takes place. Our intention is to bring forward a ban in the criminal law that is supported by additional interventions that will ensure these practices are ended. Our approach has been built on a detailed assessment of the existing legislative framework to identify gaps that currently allow conversion therapy to continue. Having identified gaps in the law, we have developed a practical package of interventions to truly put a stop to these practices. We are determined to deliver a conversion therapy ban that protects people from these practices. 

We ask questions throughout the consultation to gather views on aspects of the policy including:

  • targeting physical acts conducted in the name of conversion therapy;
  • targeting talking conversion therapy with a new criminal offence; and
  • producing a package of holistic measures, such as Conversion Therapy Protection Orders, new support for victims, restricting promotion, removing profit streams, and strengthening the case for disqualification from holding a senior role in a charity. 

In some areas our questions are specific, to gather your reaction to our preferred approach, while in others the questions are more open, to gather stakeholder views and further evidence.

Why your views matter

We would like your views so that we can understand your feelings about the proposals we have outlined in this consultation. This will help us to improve and refine them, so that they provide fair protection for everyone.

While conversion therapy is an issue that overwhelmingly affects Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people, we welcome responses from anyone who may be interested. 

A summary of responses and the government’s response to this consultation will be published in due course following the closure of the consultation. 

The government’s response will consider all valid responses submitted to the consultation, and will be based on careful consideration of the points made in consultation responses, not the number of responses received.

Please be aware that you should be 16 years or over to take part in this consultation.