Disability Action Plan consultation

Closes 6 Oct 2023


This online survey sets out proposals for new actions led or co-ordinated by the Disability Unit (DU), part of the Cabinet Office. DU was established to work across government to break down the barriers faced by disabled people in the UK. 

This survey includes 14 consultation questions – some with multiple parts – which you are invited to respond to. The questions are tailored to each policy. All questions are optional. Responses will inform how proposals set out in this survey are taken forward in the Disability Action Plan.

This survey is split into 5 sections:

  1. How DU will work to improve disability inclusion in existing government policies:

    • access to elected office

    • playground accessibility

    • emergency planning and resilience work

    • climate adaptations and mitigations

  2. The new policies that DU proposes to lead, with a focus on issues that fall between different departments:

    • Disability Enabled Badge 

    • Special Olympics World Summer Games

    • addressing access refusals for guide dogs

    • raising the profile of assistive technology

  3. The task forces that DU proposes to set up to increase cross-government collaboration:

    • wellbeing and opportunities for disabled children

    • support for disabled parents

  4. Actions to strengthen DU’s evidence base in the short term, providing a solid foundation for future work:

    • disability evidence and data improvement programme

    • disability foresight

  5. Your views on the plans and actions as a whole

Responses to this consultation survey will be collected anonymously. Please do not share any personal or sensitive information, either for yourself or others. This includes things like name, email address or medical history.


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More information about the Disability Action Plan consultation

Any detailed consultation on policies owned by other departments will be (or will have been), where appropriate, carried out by that department. However, respondents to this survey may express views on policies in any part of this Disability Action Plan in their answers to the questions at the end of the survey. Those views will be collated and will inform the DU’s work across government in bringing together departments to develop actions for inclusion in the DAP. 

Some of the proposals in this survey are new or improved policies within areas that are solely the DU’s responsibility. Others, particularly those which relate to research and task forces, are about using the DU’s position in the Cabinet Office to give direction on issues that span several government departments.